Anti-puncture Technologies

You can be confident that we'll have the perfect tyre to meet your needs as CST's products are customised to meet the demands of various disciplines. We offer over 100 tread patterns in numerous sizes, a folding or wire bead on most tyres and a wide range of casing options for various levels of puncture resistance. Use this anti-puncture technology guide as a reference when you buy your CST tyres.


Exceptional Puncture Safety: EPS technology protection offers an added layer of proprietary rubberised polyfiber material between the tread and the casing. The tight weave of this lightweight, puncture-resistant layer prevents sharp objects from penetrating the casing and damaging the tube.


APL: technology puncture protection which APL features a respectable 0.7mm layer of rubber between the tread and the casing. This additional rubber layer assists in preventing penetration through the tyre.


Double Breaker: Level 6 Protection (Aramid Inside) construction for maximum puncture protection. The combination of aramid fibres and nylon with specially designed weave makes this type of anti-puncture protection unique. The anti-puncture protection is a 40% improvement on the universally rated EPS technology, while weighting 20% less and 5% faster.